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rand mcnally hd 100

Rand McNally HD 100 Review – Key Features, Installation & More

Commercial motor vehicles operating across the nation are now required to have electronic logging devices (ELDs). These devices are primarily intended to…

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zonar eld

Zonar ELD Review – Features, Pricing, User Feedback & Reviews

As a fleet manager, you need to find an electronic logging device that best works for your fleet. Same goes for independent…

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vistracks eld

VisTracks ELD Review | Key Features, Ease of Use & Pricing

With so many options and providers out there, it can be hard to choose the best electronic logging device. Aside from meeting…

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My20 ELD Review – Features, Installation, Pricing

Are you in the market for a fleet-focused onboard device? Most of these devices offer all the latest bells and whistles. With…

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garmin eld review

Garmin ELD Review – Features, Installation & Driver Feedback

If you’re reading these lines, you are probably interested in buying an ELD device, such as the Garmin ELD, and become compliant…

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rand mcnally eld 50 review

Rand McNally ELD 50 Review – Features, Installation & Service Plan Info

Choosing an ELD for a fleet is a fairly complicated process. That’s because there are many factors to take into consideration. You…

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blue ink bit eld

Blue Ink BIT ELD Review – Tech, Features & Pricing (No Monthly Fees)

If you have not yet installed an FMCSA approved electronic logging device (ELD) in your truck, consider Blue Ink BIT ELD. If…

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gorilla safety eld

Gorilla Safety ELD Review 2019 – Pricing, Features & Ease of Use

As you may have noticed, different ELD providers offer different features and capabilities to assist trucking companies with fleet management. The current…

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hours of service rules

J.J. Keller ELog Review 2019 | Top Features, Pricing & Driver Feedback

Picking the right ELD (electronic logging device) could be a bit tricky. With the right ELD solution, you can improve efficiency, increase…

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eld reviews

Top ELD Reviews 2019 – The 10 Best Electronic Logging Devices

Although the ELD mandate has already taken effect, and a considerable number of trucks still do not have these devices installed. Electronic…

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